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Our New Alibi 2.0 megapixel dual lens bi-spectrum thermal IP bullet security camera can see threats otherwise invisible to the naked eye. Its thermal module is able to see through obstructions such as pitch darkness, sun glare, smoke, dust, smog, bushes, grass, shrubs and trees. Thermal imaging can even expose would-be intruders if they’re wearing dark clothing.

Bullet Style Temperature Detection Security Camera

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Bullet System Thermal Imaging CCTV Cameras

Weather-proof, Digital Zoom, and Night Vision - Included

This IP bullet camera provides clear video in daylight, darkness, and bad weather; thermal video isn’t affected by shadows and backlight.

This IP bullet camera’s thermal module features a 160 × 120 resolution sensitivity sensor (resolution of thermal image is 320 × 240). Its optical module features a 2.0 MP high-performance CMOS and an active imaging pixel array of 1920 (H) x 1080 (V) that produces superior HD-quality video.

This camera’s optical module features a Starlight chipset with a super low light LUX rating, to capture color video in extreme low light conditions.

This dual lens IP camera features an expansive field of view. The thermal module’s 6.2 mm lens offers a 25° horizontal FOV; the optical module’s 6 mm lens offers a 53° horizontal FOV.

The Picture in Picture (PIP) function combines the details of the thermal and optical images, overlaying the thermal image on the optical image.

The camera’s thermal module provides temperature detection to monitor potentially dangerous changes in temperature in places like server rooms or food storage areas, with a temperature range of -4° to 302°F. And its advanced fire detection algorithm detects up to 10 fire points.

H.265+ video compression technology enables faster, more fluid remote viewing, and provides the ability to view more channels remotely. With H.265+ compression, you can store more information using less storage space. This camera also supports H.265, H.264+and H.264.

Powerful video analytics include line crossing, intrusion detection, region entrance, and region exit, to protect people and property more effectively.

This dual lens bi-spectrum camera also comes with flexible storage solutions. Its built-in micro SD/SDHC/SDXC slot (card not included), enables local storage up to 128GB.

And with an IP66 weather-rated metal enclosure, this IP bullet camera has an operating temperature rating of -40° to 140°F and is protected from elements such as dust, rain and sand, making it an ideal outdoor security solution.

What’s Included:

  • (1) 2.0 MP dual lens bi-spectrum thermal IP bullet security camera
  • (1) Mounting template
  • (1) Mounting hardware
  • (1) Quick start guide

Key Features and Capabilities:

Megapixel Resolution – Cover more area and see more detail. Megapixel cameras can cover a larger area without compromising image quality, providing the level of detail needed for facial detection and license plate identification.

Starlight Chipset – Featuring a large-sized HD progressive scan CMOS sensor, the Starlight chipset can capture excellent color images in an extremely dark environment.

Bi-Spectrum Image Function – Fuses the thermal view with the optical channel, overlaying the thermal image onto the optical image with Picture in Picture.

H.265+ Compression – Improved image quality and reduced bandwidth requirements. With H.265+ compression, you can store more information utilizing less hard drive space. H.265+ also allows for faster, more fluid remote viewing, and the ability to view more channels remotely.

Advanced Video Analytics – Get more from your security solution. This camera is equipped with these video analytics capabilities and more:

  • Line Crossing – Provides alerts when objects cross a virtual fence (single or bi-directional)
  • Intrusion Detection – Object detection in a pre-defined zone; set criteria based on object size and time duration
  • Region Entrance Detection – Detects people, vehicles or other objects which enter a pre-defined virtual region; a series of actions can be taken when an alarm is triggered
  • Region Exit Detection – Detects people, vehicles or other objects which exit a pre-defined virtual region; a series of actions can be taken when an alarm is triggered

Temperature Security Camera Sample Video

Thermal Security Camera Systems Austin TX

A Surveillance system with video analytics can analyze video content and detect anomalous activity that may pose a threat. Basically, video analytics can help security software ‘learn’ what is normal, so it Anomalies can be detected and potential hazards that an individual may ignore.”

The World Health Organization declared COVID-19 a pandemic and U.S. and state officials responded by limiting large gatherings, closing schools and unessential businesses, and imposing travel restrictions. Using technology is another viable step to limit the infection’s spread. With our new Alibi 2MP Dual Lens Temperature Detection Security Camera you can easily spot incoming customers who may be a threat to your business.

Temperature Detection Security Camera Preview

Temperature Detecting CCTV Systems Austin TX

  • Thermal Module
    • 160 × 120 resolution sensitivity sensor (resolution of thermal image is 320 × 240)
    • 6.2 mm fixed lens offers horizontal FOV of 25°
    • 3D DNR
    • Digital zoom 2x, 4x, 8x
    • Picture in picture preview, combining the details of both the thermal and optical images
    • Video analytics including line crossing, intrusion detection, region entrance, and region exit
    • Temperature exception alarm function
    • Advanced fire detection algorithm
  • Optical Module
    • 1/2.8 megapixel progressive scan CMOS
    • 1920 x 1080 resolution
    • 6 mm fixed lens offers horizontal FOV of 53°
    • Starlight Low Light 0.002 Lux (B/W: 0.0002 Lux)
    • Smart IR up to 130′ IR distance
    • IP66 weather-rated with -40°F – 140°F operating temperatures

One of the earliest symptoms of COVID-19 is fever. Thermal imaging cameras and temperature-sensing security technology can help detect individuals with raised body temperatures.

When airports, train depots, hospitals or venues like the Wynn use this security technology, they quickly spot individuals with a fever. The systems notify security personnel who take steps to separate those people for further screening by healthcare professionals.

The Benefits of Infrared Temperature Screening

When facilities use artificial intelligence and thermal imaging to spot people with fevers reports companies see a host of benefits:

  • Allows personnel staffing officers to scan large numbers of people as they walk by
  • Displays and detects critical temperature elevations in real time – LIVE!
  • Can Setup Alerts That Notify Key Personnel when it identifies individuals with raised temperatures.
  • Protects public health by screening for fevers caused by contagious illnesses (like COVID-19)

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